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Why you should eat meals whereas sitting within the Sukhasana posture

Weight reduction isn’t solely about exercising or following a selected weight loss program, it’s equally about making holistic life-style adjustments and following sure habits. This additionally consists of the way you eat your meals day-after-day.

In response to specialists, sitting down on the ground cross-legged whereas consuming may also help you digest meals higher and, in flip, assist weight reduction.

“Sukhasana or the crossed-legged seated pose is nice for consuming your meals. It’ll assist to digest meals sooner, soak up vitamins higher and enhance metabolism,” stated yoga practitioner and health influencer Juhi Kapoor.

Sukhasana or simple pose is a “game-changer”, she stated, including “you’ll find yourself consuming much less and it’ll lead to calorie deficit.”

The way to do?

Cross your legs on the ankles with the left leg on prime of proper leg.


*Arthritis in knee
*Spinal situation

Should you can not sit on the ground, you are able to do Saral Siddhasana, Kapoor recommended.

The way to do Saral Siddhasana?

*Sit on the ground
*Repair one leg on the perineum with the only dealing with upward
*Place different heel partially upon the primary heel with the only dealing with upward
*Palms on knees. Keep away from bending elbows
*Hold backbone erect
*Be sure to are in your sitting bones

Nice pose to follow pranayams and meditation.


*Stretches the entrance of your ankles.

*Strengthens calf muscle tissues.

*Stretches groin muscle tissues, which assist enhance hip flexibility.

*Stretches interior thighs/hip adductors.

*It’s an important hip opener.

*Strengthens your decrease again.


*Harm in knees or hips

Arthritis: For these with arthritis of the knees, hips, and ft ought to keep away from sitting on the ground, stated Kapoor.

“If you’re affected by sciatica, be cautious. If this asana is uncomfortable in case of sciatica, keep away from it,” stated Kapoor.

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